Tuesday, 13 August 2013

portabello road market

So Friday jobseekers, the most important and fun event that happens once every two weeks. Trying to find a job would, I assumed, going to be easy but so far nothing. I'm not wanted. So spending my time exploring London after three years of kinda having my eyes closed and mind shut off is so liberating. It's so strange to actually look at your surroundings. We as humans get so use to living day by day and easing through our lives we forgot the beauty around us. Portabello road is beauty and the surrounding areas are just typical rich London surroundings.  Getting off the tube at the Nottinghill gate we walked up into the sunshine and down the street. On the street there are cute shops selling an assortment of items which like the Smurf figurines are really cute. There is also a classic fish and chips shop and to any non-UK reader they should visit this for a classic taste of British cuisine. The first stalls that appear on portabello market are antiques stalls but you have to remember there are shops behind some of the stalls and these places shouldn't be missed either. The road is rather long and going at peak time can be quite claustrophobic but it does give you time to actually move and see everything.

Further on down the road when you start hitting the food part of the market there is an old style cinema called the electric cinema and while I didn't get the opportunity to go inside, the outside made me feel like i was in the 70s or 80s. It's so strange to see them playing only 1 movie, the heat at that time, when now the cinemas are at least 10 screens and a huge selection of movies available. Past the food market area of the market is a huge vintage fair and while it was packing up as we arrived it seemed like a lot of cool items where available and really cheap prices as well. The photos right at the bottom are from Hyde park which is a very short distance away from potabello if you head back to the station and just keep on walking you end up going past kensington place gardens, where Kate and William live I think.
Anyway hope you enjoyed. TTFN.
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smurf village !!

Bubbleology window

The trouble notes.

electric cinema

Top - primark. shorts- topman. shoes- converse. bag - river island. bracelets- primark. 

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