Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chasing me all over town.

Bag - River island.  White T-shirt - Topman. Vest - ASOS. Jeans - River island. Boots- Dr martens.

Before I start I'm going to put a warning out, to all people as doppy as I am, make sure you check the weather before leaving the house. The weather was really cloudy when exiting my gated house.  Was it wrong of me to presume that because its Britain it would remain like it all day? Of course it turned into a beautiful day with blazing sunlight, as we arrived in brick lane for a day of food, drinks and kooky bakes. While not stacked with layers it was still quite unpleasant and the waistcoat was quite itchy. I'm a moany person as it is but feeling like someone is cheese grating your back is never fun. But fashion can sometimes hurt right. My love however for my Dr Martens is constant and never ending. While really rubbing at first they seemed to have moulded to my feet shape really well, it is a strange with how weighted they are but something you quickly get use to.

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