Thursday, 15 August 2013

V shopping day

 If you have read my blog before, or if not hello stranger, you would have properly read that i am going to V festival this year. The amount of organisation and preparation to go to a festival is so much more than i remember. I've basically had to buy everything again, purchases down below, and were properly missing loads of essential camping equipment but were going to go for the music and the booze like everyone else. The music, which i have done on another posts; V festival part 1 , V festival part 2 and V festival part 3 , is going to be amazing. Imagining what is going to happen this time will properly not compare to what it's going to be like. Even though I loved my first festival experience, i was quite young. With age comes a certain maturity yet also a bigger desire to "let your hair down." After university I feel this is my time to be reckless to enjoy and live in the very moment. That is what I will be doing and i hope to any of you going you will be doing the same. Enjoy the festival to those who are going and to those who aren't you an watch it on TV. Over here in the UK it's on channel 4 I think. Be safe and speak soon. TTFN 
A farmers best friend. 

New shaver as mine was wearing out big time.

My new and first ever camera !!! i all ready love it. Me and my flatmate/bestfriend charlotte are going to start a youtube channel and i will post the link where we have started to post.

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