Friday, 23 August 2013

V festival photos

So during my time at V festival i became very aware of how old i was. Well not that I'm old but that there was a lot of teenagers there. These teenagers has no concept of how to dress for there age. I'm mainly referring to the the teenage girls with thongs on for shorts. While i had a great time there was a lot of young youths who seemed to be there for other reasons than the music. Example my next door tent neighbour who must have been about 17 , Tyler was his name, who had sex twice the first night and who had sex during the day according to my friend who heard them talking. While I'm no prude at all you paided 185 pound to go see people preform you can have sex after the music. I dunno maybe I am getting old, i was drinking cider.  It just seemed a bit weird is all.  Here are some photos of me and my friends at V festival pre and durin the festival.  

hat - republic, shirt - top man, vest - asks, shorts- new look , wellies - dunlop. 

shirt- primark, vest - topman, shorts- topman

top- primark, shorts- river island and modified.

trying to figure out what to wear.

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