Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Goodbye Flat 4.

Saying goodbye to something that has been such an important step in your life is always going to be hard. Its what you learn from the goodbye that is important. 

Flat 4 is empty. These photos are now in the past. Those empty alcohol bottles are now being recycled... hopefully. Everything that was ours we took. We left certain pieces, we threw stuff out and we destroyed others. Like every place I have lived there are stuff I didn't like. The Gaps between the floor and the walls. The memories of one horribly vile manipulating housemate. The surrounding area of the house however all of these bad stuff don't compare to the good times I have had there.  These are always going to be bad times but I won't hold on to them. I love London I will be moving back there. The shopping there is too great not to. 

Here are some photos, youtube video at the bottom, from out last day in the house and my journey back to Cardiff.

There are aliens in the sky... not!!! only the lights from the megabus.

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