Tuesday, 24 September 2013

No one could deny.

That I look crazy in a tree. 

The weather dictates a lot for us humans. Seeing as the weather is quite grey at the moment I decided to wear a baggy shirt which makes me feel more comfortable but I think is still really grungy.  My military boots are really comfy and fit so well but I so rarely get to wear them as I'm constantly wearing black jeans which don't go well with brown boots !! I am back in Cardiff but have London posts but I haven't done a clothes post in ages. Charlotte took the photos, in Bute Park,  which after a few cocktails isn't properly the best idea but I think the turned out okay.  Enjoy.

Beenie hat - Topman, Bike necklace- Camden market, Shirt- Vintage( from Charlotte), Acid wash jeans- Primark, Military boots- River Island.

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