Thursday, 19 September 2013

Harry potter studio tour !!!!! Part 1

I've had to Split this blog entry into two parts as I don't want to cut anything out, there will also be a video that will be put up soon on my youtube channel. It also helps that the tour was amazing and there was just so much to take photos off. My cousin, Amy, paided for me to go which I am very grateful for. We went for her boyfriend, Deans, birthday treat and we both could tell he loved it. He's properly more of a harry potter geek than I am. Before the photos i should say if I was going to be sorted into a house it would properly be Slytherin. Well I hope I would be. Nah i'm joking I would properly be in Hufflepuff/ the boring ones. If your thinking of going to the Harry Potter studio tour I would definitely recommend it but make sure you have money for the gift shop as Warner brothers want a lot of money for pretty much everything. enjoy.

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