Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tom and Elton.

Last Thursday me and Charlotte went to see Tom Odell and Elton John in concert. All thanks to Apple and there iTunes festival show. We had planned to go out all day and then make our way to the roundhouse later on in the day. Things didn't quite turn out that way and we actually ended up going straight to camden and just relaxing before we went to the actual show. We got there pretty early but i honestly though it was going to be packed so we went early. After arriving as the doors opened we got in and found that it was empty and that we had a front row view!!! We grabbed some strongbow and started taking photos and before you know it Tom Odell was on stage. He was really good and i though the small setting was a much better way to see him from when i saw him at V festival. He played through a number of his songs and it was the perfect opening act for Elton. Who was just as fabulous as Ever dressed in a long black cloak with red sequins on. I am however not the biggest elton john fan in that I don't know every song of his. For me the classic Elton John songs were my favourites especially the ones that are used and heard through loads of media platforms. Overall it was an amazing night. So thanks Tom, Elton and of course Apple. If you want to watch the show you can do so on iTunes. Enjoy. 

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