Saturday, 28 September 2013

Yeah we got a situation.

The twists that can happen with braces are extremely frustrating. 

The photos are bad. 

Trekking to a weird hill side area was fun. There were spiders, a dead mouse and a fox. It felt like I was in a disney movie. The photos for some reason just didn't work but it very quickly became a delirious bad laughing fit. I quite like what I was wearing but I'm not sure on the braces. I've never wore braces before, well one time for Halloween, there really quite cool and seem to go with a lot so hopefully I will wear them.  
  I had just got great news before going to do these photos too. I HAVE A JOB!!!!! I will be working in Next!! If you are not familiar with next, it's a british store which is mainly targeted towards the professional and middle aged. It does have some really beautiful suits,which are tailored really well which is good for me as I have quite broad shoulders compared to my size.  There shoes are very classic as well. So you will see me wearing a lot more from Next as the discount is great. 

Glasses- Ray Ban , Top - Bershka, Braces- topman, Jeans- river island, bag - river island, desert boots- primark. 

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