Thursday, 10 October 2013

Endless hair products.

Hair products, Deodorants, skincare products and aftershave. Essential for creating a well groomed and attractively smelly Male character. For me hair is always going to be my nightmare area. It never really stays where it is suppose to. I've tried quit a few hair products, that you can see from the photos. Mostly I use either the Label M Gel, for a more slick and smooth look, or the Bed Head for Men separation workable wax, which I use for a textured and messy look. Most of the clays and Matts make my hair look messy and emphises the curls. Hairspray is pretty essential to trying to maintain that hold on the hair, I normally spray the hairspray into my hand and move it through the hair how it is styled.
Sure men are the only deodorant brand that actually works for me. The adrenaline type that I use Is fresh and sporty smell.
Aftershaves. All men have to have aftershave. No excuse. Smell is one of the five senses. While we as humans relay heavily on sight we can not turn our nose up at Smell. Personally I love all of my aftershaves most are quite a strong woody or Spicey smell.
Remember that a outfit is important its the starting point but that refinement of grooming features will give you the whole package.  

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