Tuesday, 8 October 2013

So This Is What It Feels Like.

To be a superhero.
Being a little bit of a Geek I love that it is now 'cool' to watch Sci-Fi films, read comic books and have a working understanding of science. I suppose the Marvel and Batman films have really allowed that to be acceptable and Properly the Big Bang Theory has had a major role too. When I saw the Marvel comics avengers top in Topman I knew it was all ready mentally mine. I think because of the multiple colours in the picture and the white background it goes with a lot. My purple chinos are Rarely worn as they don't quite fit me but with a belt there fine. The darker coloured chinos are great for Autumn. Enjoy.

Hat- Primark, Top- Topman, Chinos - Topman, Desert boots- Primark. 

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