Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lets catch up.

So my Blogging has been non-existence for the past two months. This is for numerous reasons all very long and boring. So I won't bore you with the stories of working and socialising, not just drinking alcohol either. Here are some photos that sum up my time away from blogging. I also promise I will return to blogging on a regular, not monthly, basis. I was also quite shocked to learn that its been a year since I started my blog. Time fly's when you don't really do alot. Enjoy.

Best chocolate bar ever.
Christmas day.

Charlottes birthday.

Vain as always.
A child at heart.

It was charlottes birthday what do you expect us to do.

My new uniform.

A special time.

Mango and passionfruit fruit blend = heaven. Thank you Starbucks. 

BB muffins in saint davids arcade in cardiff is one dangerous place to those on a diet.

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