Sunday, 9 February 2014

London ... on a tuesday.

At the end of January, before the tube strikes which looked really bad in the media, I went up to London with a Redhead who just won't leave me alone. I caught the stalker in the picture below. 

I joke. She's stuck to me. During our day we did all our regular things. Acted like fools, got a little drunk and remember how much we loved London.It is depressing that we aren't living there anymore However thats not to say that Cardiff is not exceeding expectations Because it is. Once me and charlotte move in together which will hopefully be happing very soon then this place will be a lot better.  Anyway enjoy.

Cinnabon is deadly delicious.
The Urban outfitters in Camden has the best Commerical Space. It fits so well with the brand.

You dance a dance class.
Real greek.

She looks taller in photos. 

Stratford where I use to live.

You can see my new Vans. well just about. 

I saw this movie with Sam. I thought it was really good but that it was a bit to long. Also there was a lot of tits, vagina and drugs. 

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