Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Purple and scarred, thats the colour it will be.

Forever 21. The American giant. When I visited Florida in 2011 I didn't actually see a forever 21 that I can recall. My first experience was Shopping in there flagship UK store in Westfield.It's only very recently that they have put a selection of there menswear clothes in the Oxford street store. Fingers crossed they decide to open a store here in Cardiff very soon. Honestly sometimes it's a bit of hit and miss but after going to London 2 weeks ago I loved what I saw and it showed on my Bank statement. The men's section is like a hidden gem. Cheap and my style.  Here is what I bought and what I've seen on the online store that I love. Ripped jeans, Fedora hat and a stone Tshirt, which is part of a major inside joke, are going to be mine very soon. Enjoy.

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