Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lights still shining in the room.

Interviews are strange. My first worry is normally what to wear. Then all the more job appropriate worries come into place. Will I be good enough ? What will they ask me ? How can I sell Myself? That's basically what it is. 30 mins to make someone believe in you. So firstly confidence. Clothing, Personal I would go smart, Appearance is important. Suit jacket and trousers or something interesting with personal flare but must remain smart. So why this Blog post. Well hopefully I will be having an iinterview soon.  I don't think I have much chance of actually getting the job but if you want something you should always make an effort. So I'm currently choosing between these two outfits.

I already have the trousers but would need to get the suit jacket. Shirt/shoes would be different. Im thinking more of my brown brogue boots and a grandad white shirt or Really light blue/lilac shirt.  I'm leaning more towards the suit as I could still wear it to work even if I don't get the job. Enjoy.

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