Saturday, 4 October 2014

I tip on alligators and little rattle snakers But I'm another flavor Something like a terminator.

Lets catch up, on what has seemed like a long time. Honestly it hasn't been a great time recently, a big part of my trouble is my need to please everyone I can sometimes be restricted in what I want to do , yet the arrogance of some people sickens me. My skin as a consequence has decided to revert to its teenage state which is why as I write this I currently have a botanics clay mask on. Which is extremely relaxing. 
 Most of these photos are really positive and hopefully I can build from that. Highlights are always food and time with my friends. Seeing the 1975 and spending 2 days with Charlotte in London were amazing .  It felt like we had moved back in with each other and back to London. Coming back to cardiff wasn't my happiest moment and even harder when my mother threw away my half eaten kooky bakes signature slice!! She's on my enemies list. It was also nice to get a free bottle of champagne and a christmas present that I forgot about, vodka, was a lovely surprise. Enjoy. 

nephews baseball shirt. 

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