Thursday, 19 February 2015

What are you looking at?

Working in a retail environment puts a lot of pressure on those who are in that industry to always be on trend yet stylish. This season Next has had some beautifully designed and interesting pieces in there tailoring. Three button suit jackets and pinstripe have really taken my fancy. One rather frustrating part of suits are that I have rather broad shoulders so when it comes to the fit of the jacket I op to have a slim fitted jacket. This Fit is slimmer silhouette fitted through the shoulder, waist and sleeve. Most of the suits I wanted where a skinny fit however the skinner fit through the shoulder made me feel robotic and would have hindered me actually working. Practically not just aesthetically my uniform has to be. However now knowing what suits me has made shopping for uniform a lot easy.This is what I've got so far. 
 Claret Chinos, with a formal Slim fitted Jacket and waistcoat, Which as the weather warms up could be wore with loafers and a smart shirt for a rivera look. 
Blue stripe shirt with a pink tie. The shirt goes so well with my complexion and the pink tie is a lovely shade of pink. This with a cropped leg smart trouser which shows a small amount of ankle. I've also got dark metallic collar tips which go really well with the shirt. 
Pinstripe or microcheck suits are my choice to stand out. The pinstripe bright blue is what I choose. It's sophisticated and the pinstripe really stands out. 

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