Tuesday, 3 March 2015

we break our hearts and pretty much everything.

Tomorrow,  approximate 14 hours time I shall have my first ever piercing. Drum roll... my ear. Yes I know; its going to hurt, its going to be crazy and why would I harm my rather dumbo like ears . Not. Seriously I know its not a big deal like at all but I'm excited. It's another thing to accessorise. Left or right ear, I hear you ask, well I'm not sure just yet I'm thinking left ear. Which is the gay ear? I've been asked this rather strange question a lot which is totally a myth, no one ear is gay. They both are. Or do I get both? Maybe I will just choose when I go in. So this means ideas for earrings. I think I've got to wait 6 weeks tho before I get to choose other earrings . Patience is not something I've developed yet.  So these are the earrings that I'm thinking. All either from Asos or Topman.

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