Monday, 28 September 2015

I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing's as it seems And real life is stranger than my dreams.

 Sometimes Cardiff for me seems to small. London was just right. Yet I forgot why I love cardiff. It's the little things. As a child I never really went into Bute Park but it's so beautiful. It's Strange sometimes I feel we underrate the place we live in because we become desensitised to it but all it takes is a little detour into a place we haven't been to before to really look at the city. This year I'm hoping for snow and I've made a promise to charlotte that I will go out and have a snowball fight with her. Just as long as we do it in Bute park.  Outfit posts below enjoy. 

Shoes - river island. Jeans - River Island. Vest - New look.
Vintage shirt - Urban Outfitters .

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  1. Once in a while you need to be tourist in your own city:)