Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Is it real or am I going out of my mind.

It was just a normal day. Normal uniform. A roll neck jumper and jeans. Maybe a little bit too casual but I had a blazer ready to pop on if anyone important came in, to smarten myself up. I had my jumper tucked in,of course, so you could kind of see my shape. I had only been in like ten minutes, during the middle of the day, when a customer approached me and asked me and a colleague for help with something. My colleague helped and I went back to doing whatever I was doing. The lady then reapproached me a bit earlier where she asked me for help and which I of course did. She then decided to make a comment about my weight. "Do you only employ skinny people, you need to go and have some food you look ill." It really unsettled me all day . Why did she think she could comment on my weight? If I was a larger person would she have had said the opposite? If I was a female would she have made that comment ?  Personally I just want to say eating has never been a problem for me. I eat regular with at least 3 meals a day. I don't think I'm too skinny, I'm just not very muscly either. Yes I work in fashion so what I wear is open to judgement but my weight is not for a complete stranger to come up and comment about. It's upset me because I'm not the shape I want to be I would love to be muscly and toned. It's something i am going to attempt to do but no stranger should comment on something so personal when they have no idea about the persons situation.  

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