Monday, 14 January 2013

Brick lane.

Brick lane famous for. Curry? Vintage stores? Rough trade? Sunday market? Film advertising . The latest in the Brick lane Uniqueness is when wreck-it Ralph the new disney film advertised its new film by putting pixel animals, cars and other video game memorable icons near the rough trade store just off brick lane this past weekend. Pictures below. If you haven't been to brick lane and you live in London or travel to London. Try to arrange to go around 1 on a sunday but make sure you go down the whole street not just the curry houses.  Theres tons of vintage stores. An amazing sunday market and just off the street is Spitalfields market. There is also Rough Trade. This is one of the best places to buy music thats not online. Also right at the end is the legendary bagel shop which is a must when drunk as there salt beef bagels are just too good. But no mustard please. 


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