Monday, 14 January 2013

songs of the week. -14.01.2013

This week there has been a number of musical returns with the return of destiny child with there album of previous songs with a new song and rumours of Beyonce releasing new material soon. Adele coming out of reclusiveness to attend the golden globes and her return to singing, in public, for the oscars. The return of David bowie in a decade with his song Where are we now?  then the return of Justin Timberlake this week with his brand new single suit & tie ( with Jay-z) . At first listen, it seems that he hasn't lost his touch of making a hit.
Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake.

I am a huge fan of two door cinema club. The album beacon which is there 2nd after tourist history. Is Just as good as there 1st but once the songs have sunk in as there not as catchy as there most famous songs from tourist history but definitely the same quality. 
Handshake - Two door cinema club. 

Taylor swift. These days more famous for her ex's then her music. Even though her music is selling extremely well and the album RED is well written, heartfelt and properly sold so well due to her writing songs directly about her ex's to which the whole public know who she is speaking about. However the songs are good. i have been listening to The last time with Gary Lightbody, he has an amazing second name, who is the main singer in snow patrol. 
The last time - Taylor swift ( Feat. Gary Lightbody)

Duet- Everything Everything
I was write to be excited about the album Arc which is released today as listening to it shows really quality and a lot more progression than there last album. This band is playing in brick lane Rough trade east at 7 pm tomorrow if you go today and buy the album you get free entry. 

 The rising star that is Jessie Ware. Who i saw at this years radio 1 hackney weekend, I would definitely recommend going to see her, is going to round up my 5 songs of the week with her song sweet talk. 
Sweet talk - Jessie Ware. 
TTFN. ( if anyone wants to send me any songs to listen to send them to my email and i will try and take a listen)

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