Friday, 11 January 2013

songs of 2012

I forgot to to do my favourite songs of 2012. Brains all damaged from new year and starting uni again.
I've had major problems deciding what goes where and what to include but these are my top five.
5. The incredible florence and the machine with never let me go. A truly haunting song with her stunning vocals being a perfect complement to the song.

4. too close- Alex Clare. This song made popular by the Microsoft advert is majorly catchy with dubstep influences and the quirky voice of alex clare is never lost in the sounds behind. 

3. 212- Azealia Banks- with Attitude and a spunk thats well shown in her feuds with angel haze and Perez hilton and others. She still produced a major hit with 212 and her other outings have shown huge promise. What i love about this song is that it sums up Azealia and is a major tune. Even though it was released in 2011 it was released late and i haven't stopped playing it since. 

2. My blood - Ellie Goulding. Emotion. Ellie voice is pure gold. In this as she sings about a broken relation one would assume about her relation with Dj Greg James.  
1.Rudimental- feel the love.  just listen to it below.

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