Friday, 11 January 2013

primark - love/hate relationship

Yesterday was my first time actually looking around Primark, like down all the aisles, Ever. I normally enter. See stuff i think looks cheap and common. Get the mentality that nothing is going to be to my taste so i leave. Then i travelled to Westfield in stratford city. Which is properly one of the nicest layouts to Primark apart, from the new oxford street store ( near Tottenham court road) , which i have ever been in. Surprising i found Clothes i actually liked. Was it a miracle? Was i just in such a bad mood that any clothes looked good. Well on review i actually really like what i bought yesterday. Pictures below. While Three of the tops have skulls on them and are similar in that sense for the price it didn't bother me. For the overall price and how much i actually LIKE these clothes i will try to be less judgemental and learn to browse through Primark from now on. Hidden gems can be found anywhere. 
Primark - 12 pound
Primark - 5 pound

primark - 8 pound
primark - 10 pound
I also bought socks cause i ran out and didn't want to do washing they were 2 pound. :P
Also i found this song that i couldn't wait till songs of the week to upload. It's a remix to Stay awake by Ellie Goulding which is found normally on her album Halycon but the Tesco version only. 

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