Wednesday, 9 January 2013


So its that time of year when January sales mean holiday sales. This is properly the best time to book a holiday unless you don't mind booking really late but even then they can sometimes it can be expensive. My friends were talking of going to Malia, a clubbing holiday. Two years ago now we all went to Kavos for our summer getaway and while i loved it, personally I don't want to go back on a clubbing holiday that's not a big clubbing destination like ibiza, Magaluf or ayia napa. What i found in Kavos was that the Alcohol wasn't good stuff. The place it self was miserable and grotty. The beach was more of a condom dump and i didn't enter the water just in case of floating condoms and accidentally tasting the salty sea. However the bigger clubbing destinations there more clean and some have amazing beaches nearby But even then I'm not really sure if i want to go there as drinking for 7 days is hard work and you need a holiday to recover. I feel old saying that. At the end of my university year, this year, i will no longer be in education. This for me is so exciting and i can't wait to finally start a "normal" life. Before I came to university I went on holiday to Florida. Some pictures below. This for me was the best holiday I have ever been on and I've been on one or two holidays a year so I've been around. I'm looking to go travelling around America at the end of the year and have money saved but the Organisation of it seems so exciting and complex in that America is so big with so much to do I have no idea where to start. Over the next few weeks i will be looking into a few places and i will post what i find.
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