Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The return of Tv shows.

Here is a list of shows which i will be be watching this January.  While some shows are coming to a close or some starting the range of different shows and good quality shows at the moment is welcoming. Spoilers in fringe and arrow if not up to date.

This sci-fi cult Tv show is coming to a close with the 2 hour finale on this Friday. If you haven't watched the show before its more like CSI in that the team respond to weird scientific happenings which people have normally died at. However the seasons have a story arc and isn't too complex. The 5 and finale season see the team finally accumulating there plan to destroy the observes hopefully. Prepare for emotion as the brilliant John Noble, as the genius yet damaged Dr. Walter bishop, will surely have a hard time during the finale with the writers killing off loved cast members this season so lets hope they will fill the fringe finale with heart, like they have done with the first few seasons.

The Carrie diaries.
This new show which is a prequel of the sex and the city and follows Carrie thought the high school years of her life. None of the other girls will be included in it. Set in the 80s so expect bad hair and bad clothes. Clothes being a huge part of the original sex and the city. This will either be a great look into the life of Carrie way before big or will leave a good show with a bad spin off. I'm thinking of you Joey.

With Arrows Christmas finale giving us a long term in John Barrowman's archer villain there for me has been steady progress in the story with the family of the Oliver Queen being extremely twisted and of course there's the question of what will Oliver do now. Leaving him damaged and battered was an interesting move as it shows us that he is vulnerable and the amount of people on the list still seems to be pretty big. Will he ever kill the whole list. Is what he is doing right?  I do also enjoy the back story element when he shows us what has happened on the island as its a nice change from Oliver just killing people every week which would become boring and predictable.

Season 2 of girls has started about the life of 4  girls in the 20's. I haven't watched the show yet but Lena Dunham winning at the golden globes has made me interested to watch.


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