Saturday, 19 January 2013

new year resolution

Weight loss is normally on a lot of peoples new year resolutions. As they have just had christmas and everyone just gives and eats everything in front of them. Then the time to reflect on the year and make "adjustments" for the next year. However like me who never ever sticks to his new year resolution, I this year made them with someone else so they know my resolution and i while i have stuck to some ... the others have completely been destroyed. Eating healthier. Running three times a week. gone. While i know for a fact that i will pick these up later in the year, the worst time for me to want to do this is january when its freezing cold and all you want is to eat and can't go running as its snowing or icy or just can't be bothered to go out in the cold. While i have lost weight as i have cut out a load of junk and alcohol, but this isn't enough in my eyes,  the problem now is that my jeans don't fit which isn't great. But being heathy and happy and not having jeans which fit, seems like a small price to pay. £25.00

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