Saturday, 19 January 2013

shopping - primark

So my love for primark is growing. I bought two new items from there. picture below. Well pleased with the jumper as its quiet similar to the jumper i saw in London collections which is in another of my posts . Didn't go in any other stores as i'm waiting for 20 per cent off in Topman as i'm a student. Theres a really nice blazer i want in there and loads of other stuff but got to wait which is killing me. I'm extremely impatient. So hopefully Topman's 20 per cent will arrive soon. I will post anything i buy up. Hopefully so i can record how much i spend on clothes as some clothes here and there isn't that bad but a lot of clothes buying could leave me a long way down in my overdraft. The perks of being a student.
Primark - 10 

primark -12

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