Sunday, 20 January 2013

Classic 90's

The 90s. Girlbands. Boybands. Alternative rock. R and B. electronic dance music.  Rise of mobile phones. The first mp3 player. Friends. A huge decade of Influence and growth. Here is some songs that i think some up the 90's. As i was born in the 1992. Majority of the songs are from my childhood or i remember them as my mum would listen to them. It seems like a long time ago now and seeing that you can have themed 90s party is a scary though. The 90s were 13 years ago.
wannabe- Spice girls
return of the mack- Mark Morrison. 

Right here - SWV

Oasis- Champagne supernova 
lighthouse family - goodbye heartbreak 
bitter sweet symphony - the verve. 
friday Im in love. -The cure

while i could add loads more onto this list. Im going to stop as i have work to do. TTFN

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